BP-26 Preamplifier


BP26는 플래그쉽 프리앰프로서, 기본적으로 전원부 분리형이라는 컨셉을 통해 최대한 왜곡을 억제하는 효과를 거두고 있다. 특히, MPS-2라고 불리는 파워 서플라이엔 무려 4개의 입력단이 있어서 프리단뿐 아니라 동사에서 생산된 다른 제품들도 연결할 수 있다.

The Bryston BP26 preamplifier offers a significant step forward in capturing the subtleties, nuances, and emotions of recorded music. All aspects of the signal flow are enhanced with lower noise and distortion figures, and higher load levels, offering a rich and vibrant audio experience.

• Input: 2x XLR balanced pairs, 5x RCA single ended pairs (4x with DAC, MM or MC phono), 2x SPDIF**, RCA single ended phono***, RCA single ended (tape loop)

• Output: XLR Balanced, 2x RCA single ended pairs


• Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +/- .05dB
• Maximum Output: 15 volts unbalanced, 30 volts balanced
• IM or THD: less 0.0015% at 3 volts out
• High Level Intensity: 500mV
• Rated Noise: Ref. 500mV unbalanced input, 20-20kHz – 100dB
Ref. 1 volt balanced input 20-20kHz – 103dB
XLR: Pin 1 ground, pin 2 positive, pin 3 negative

BP-26 DA Specifications:

• Input Sample Rate: 16kHz to 108kHz.
• Word Length: 16, 18, 20, 24 Bit
Conforms to SPDIF standard
• Distortion: Less than .002%, 20Hz-20kHz
• Signal to Noise Ratio: Greater than 100dB
• Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +/- .1dB

BP-26 Phono Specifications:

• Distortion: Less than .005%, IM or THD, any frequency or combination of frequencies from 20-20kHz, at rated output or below
• Rated Noise: Phono: -80dBA referred to an input of 5 millivolts RMS @ 1kHz
• RIAA Accuracy: Within less than +/- 0.05dB from 20-20kHz inclusive

BP-26MC Phono Specifications:

• Distortion: Less than .005%, 20-20kHz, with preamplifier driven to full rated output
• Noise: Equivalent to approximately 1000 ohm metal film resistor (Thermal noise greater than 85dB below 0.6mV input, unweighted)
• Gain: 16.5 or 22.5dB (internally restrappable)
• Frequency Response: Below 5Hz to above 30kHz, within less than +/- 0.5dB


2 pair balanced female XLR inputs
1 pair balanced male XLR outputs
5 pair RCA inputs
4 pair RCA + 1 pair phono inputs
4 pair RCA + 2 SPDIF digital inputs (BP20/25 DA only)
2 pair RCA outputs
1 tape loop

• Finish: Silver or Black
• Dimensions: 19 or 17 x 2.25 x 11 inches
• Weight: 2 boxes, 20 lbs (9 kg) each